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A Heart to Understand

Today’s reading: Deuteronomy 28:15-29:29

My selection: Deuteronomy 29:4

4 But to this day the Lord has not given you a heart to understand or eyes to see or ears to hear.

My reflections:

God gave His people a long list of curses that they would experience should they break His covenant with them (ch. 28). But without a heart to understand, eyes to see, and ears to hear they would not make the connection between their suffering and their sin. It is the grace and mercy of God that grants wisdom to see one’s true spiritual condition and need. It is the grace and mercy of God that enables a spiritually dead sinner to repent and beleive the gospel. God must give it.

My challenge: Has God given you a heart to understand? Do you think your sufferings are a result merely of the fallenness of this world rather than the means by which you are called to seek God more fully? Is your response to trials “I must plan better, prevent more, or prepare more wisely”? The one who has a heart to understand will respond, “Lord, show me my sin, forgive me and grow me in grace to know You better.”

All sin results in some kind of suffering, but not all suffering is a judgment of sin. Remember Job? Yet all suffering is sent to drive us to the Lord, not merely harden us with better planning and prevention. When we have a heart to understand we will react to trials with faith and a deepened desire to know and serve God better. We will call upon Him to grow our heart to understand.

Tomorrow’s reading: Deuteronomy 30:1-32:47

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