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A Humble King

Today’s reading: II Kings 15-17; John 6:1-21

 10 Shallum the son of Jabesh conspired against him and struck him down at Ibleam and put him to death and reigned in his place.                                                  II Kings 15:10

14 When the people saw the sign that he had done, they said, “This is indeed the Prophet who is to come into the world!” 15 Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.                                                                                                                                   John 6:14-15

Fools seek power that is not theirs, but Jesus did not grasp the power that was rightfully His.

Shallum was one in a line of brief reigns on the throne of Israel. He came to the throne through conspiracy and the assassination of Zechariah, but his reign lasted only a month before he, too, was assassinated. The prophet Hosea would later indict Israel for their failure to seek God’s direction for their kingdom which contributed to all that instability (Hosea 8:4).

What a contrast to Jesus! He relinquished the glories of His heavenly status and came to earth. He announced the kingdom of God, healed the sick, and fed the hungry, but when the fickle crowds wanted to make Him king, no doubt for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way, He disappeared to avoid that happening. He knew they were only responding to the signs He did and anticipated having a king who could take care of their health and their hunger (John 2:23-25; 6:2). They thought of an earthly kingdom, but His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36). Although Jesus was the rightful king of all Creation, His goal was not to be merely a king in this world. He would redeem  His people and be established as the Lord of lords and King of kings at the right hand of God the Father in His eternal kingdom (Philippians 2:5-11; Revelation 19:16).

See how glorious and worthy is our King, the Lord Jesus Christ whose every action and decision showed love, grace, humility, and justice! Give Him the praise He deserves and love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength today.

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