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Asking God Not to Remember

“Mercy triumphs over judgment” wrote the Apostle James in chapter two verse 13b of his letter.  God’s mercy in Christ, triumphs over the judgment of the sins of our youth, sins which troubled King David in today’s reading (Psalm 20:1-25:22).  David appealed to God’s mercy and steadfast love, not his own merits or worthiness (Psalm 25:6-7).  We who live after the first coming of Jesus have an even clearer view of how great God’s mercy is, great enough to send His Son to die for the sins of His people.

Rejoice! Jesus saves.  God will not remember the sins of our youth or our old age, if we are His.  Keep trusting in the Savior and do not let Satan remind you of past sins and steal your joy.

[For more reflections on this passage see the corresponding reading in my book Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 days].

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