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Asking God Not to Remember

Today’s reading: Psalm 20:1-25:22

My selection: Psalm 25:6-7

6 Remember your mercy, O Lord, and your steadfast love,

for they have been from of old.

7 Remember not the sins of my youth or my transgressions;

according to your steadfast love remember me,

for the sake of your goodness, O Lord!

My reflections: David asked God not to remember the sins of his youth. Although we do not know David’s age at the time of this Psalm, he was old enough to have enemies and old enough to feel that youth was behind him. He may have been a middle aged adult or an old man, but he had not forgotten the sins of his youth. They still troubled him. They weighed on him like a heavy load which he had carried for years, maybe decades.

So he asks God NOT to remember the things that he (David) CANNOT forget.

Perhaps you too are troubled by the memory of the sins of your youth. Perhaps you have carried the weight of guilt for too long. Have you asked God specifically to not remember them against you?

David appealed to God on the basis of God’s mercy and steadfast love, not on the basis of his own good works or improved track record. God’s love and mercy was turned into action when He sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to bear the sins of all who would trust in Him.

My challenge: Lay down the burden of your youthful sins at the cross. That is where the Lamb of God paid the penalty for those sins, my brother or sister in Christ. Trust Him to not remember. Never think of those sins again apart from the memory of the Son of God suffering and paying the price to purchase your forgiveness.

Tomorrow’s reading: Psalm 26:1-31:24

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