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Beware of Mocking God

Today’s reading: Isaiah 36:1-38:22

My selection: Isaiah 37:23

23 “ ‘Whom have you mocked and reviled?

Against whom have you raised your voice

and lifted your eyes to the heights?

Against the Holy One of Israel!

My reflections: It is no small thing to mock the Lord. Sennacherib, king of Assyria, learned this the hard way. He foolishly prided himself in his military victories. He not only failed to give God the glory but he even bragged that Judah’s God could not save them. Before long, Sennacherib’s army was distracted with another skirmish forcing a suspension of his aggression against Judah.  This was followed by the king’s assassination at the hands of his own sons while worshiping his idols.

God does not allow His name to be discredited. He will bring judgment, thorough and soon.

My challenge: Fear God. Sennacherib did not and paid for it.

Tomorrow’s reading: Isaiah 39:1-42:17

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