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Bible Readers, Here’s help!

Have you tried to read through the Bible and never finished it?  I can help you here.  Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 Days (Second Edition) is now out in Kindle and print formats. The new cover and interior design looks terrific. Best of all you will find a plan to read through the Bible with me in 365 days.  Each day there is an assigned reading and a short devotional to encourage you to look for the spiritual treasures found in God’s Word.

Years ago I was trained and mentored by the Navigators,  One of my leaders was Walt Henrichsen.  Here is what he graciously says about my book: “Solomon notes in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks…so is he.”  A person is not identified by outward looks, but rather by the thought life.  A strategic objective in the Christian life is to think biblically, to see reality as God sees it.  If this is your objective, I recommend John Carroll’s devotional.  In its pages you will find him forcing you to evaluate your worldview in light of Scripture.  I have known and co-labored with John for many years, and commend him to you as a man of God who has the ability to articulate key biblical thoughts.”  Rev. Walter A. Henrichsen Founder – Leadership Foundation and Author:“Disciples are Made, Not Born” (with Dr. Howard Hendricks).

You can order Cover to Cover by going here or to the tab above.  Why not get copies for your family and friends for Christmas too?

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