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Bringing Justice to Victory

Today’s reading: Matthew 12:15-13:46

My selection: Matthew 12:17-21

17 This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah:

18 “ Behold, my servant whom I have chosen,

my beloved with whom my soul is well pleased.

I will put my Spirit upon him,

and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles.

19 He will not quarrel or cry aloud,

nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets;

20 a bruised reed he will not break,

and a smoldering wick he will not quench,

until he brings justice to victory;

21 and in his name the Gentiles will hope.”

My reflections: Matthew emphasizes the continuity between the Old Testament prophecies and the person and work of Jesus Christ. This passage shows the essential unity of both the Old and New Testaments. It gives us a glimpse into the eternal decrees of God who from the fall of man promised that the seed of the woman would crush the serpent’s head (Genesis 3:15) and that in calling Abraham all the families of the earth would be blessed in him (Genesis 12:3). This theme of a victorious deliverer for all mankind, including the Gentiles, continued through the prophets, like Isaiah, cited here.

Jesus, God’s Chosen One, filled with the Spirit, is the name in whom the Gentiles hope (vs. 21). He has brought justice to victory through His death and resurrection. In Him, all who believe have a firm hope of eternal life.

My challenge: Do you marvel at the greatness of God’s mercy to the world? Justice has been brought in Christ because sin has been paid for and the elect of God have been forgiven and set free. Never forget. Praise Him that He is just and the justifier of all who trust in Him, including, I hope, you. Romans 3:26

Tomorrow’s reading: Matthew 13:47-15:39

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