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Can We Trust the Bible?

In the era of “fake news” do you wonder if you can trust the Bible? Here is evidence for the book that claims to be the inerrant Word of the Eternal God.

Today’s reading

Numbers 28-29; Mark 9:1-29

Selected Verses

So Moses told the people of Israel everything just as the Lord had commanded Moses.  Numbers 29:40

And there appeared to them Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus. Mark 9:4


In the era of fake news and alternative facts it is not surprising that many wonder where you can find truth that conforms to reality.  For millennia, Christians have claimed to believe in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.  Today’s readings provide an important  reason for this confidence.

The Bible contains sixty-six books. It claims to be the revelation of the Eternal God to humankind.  As such, it is a revelation which was given in stages over thousands of years.  Scholars attribute Numbers to Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt toward the Promised Land.  As God’s prophet to them he gave them precise truth which he received from God. As the selected verse above indicates, Moses told them all that God commanded him.

It is reasonable to ask what evidence of unity there is in this book that was received in separate stages over so many years.  Notice this. When we jump ahead two thousand years to the Gospel of Mark, what do we find?  Jesus meets with this same Moses and another prophet, Elijah.

The incident on the Mount of Transfiguration demonstrates the powerful connection between the Book of Numbers and the Gospel of Mark.  Furthermore,  we find verification of Jesus’ authenticity as the Son of God.  Moses and Elijah, God’s servants who represent the Law and the Prophets, appeared with Jesus and talked with Him. Israel had utterly failed to keep the law God through Moses had given them. But Jesus would fulfill that law perfectly. He would bring justification to all His chosen people from every tribe and tongue.  There never would have been perfect law keepers. Only Jesus Christ could fulfill the just demands of the law that God gave to Moses and Moses gave to Israel.

Think about it

The Transfiguration should reinforce our confidence in the trustworthiness of the Bible and its claims about Jesus Christ.  He is our eternal prophet, priest, and king.   May His kingdom come soon.  Meanwhile, trust the Bible not alternate facts and fake news.

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