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Exemplary Leadership

Today’s reading: Nehemiah 1:1-4:23

My selection: Nehemiah 4:20

In the place where you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.”

My reflections: Nehemiah is one of the finest examples of leadership ever known. Here are three essential attributes, for all leaders, which he modeled well:

1. Faith. He sought God’s direction from the very beginning of his project. His prayers are mentioned several times. He believed God that the work would be done and he instilled confidence in God in all who worked with him. In the face of frustrating work and fierce opposition he proclaimed, “Our God will fight for us.”

2. Wisdom. He wisely and carefully took steps to get official permission from the Persian king, Artaxerxes, for his project. He gathered information secretly before announcing his plans to the people of Jerusalem. He got good intelligence on what his enemies were up to so that they could not surprise him. He organized the workers on the wall so that all the groups could progress simultaneously without getting in each others’ way. He armed the workers so that they could change roles from workers to soldiers, if needed, at a moment’s notice. He developed a simple communication system and informed all those involved as to how it worked.

3. Courage. In the face of obstacles from the work and the enemies he remained undaunted. His trust was in the Lord but he worked with the understanding that God works through means, often His people, to accomplish His plans. As the old saying goes, “pray as if it all depends on God; work as if it all depends on you.”

My challenge: Do you have a leadership responsibility in some sphere of your life? Are these three attributes evident to those who look to you for leadership? Take time to think about how faith, wisdom, and courage in your role as a leader will bring glory to God. After all, it is about His glory.

Tomorrow’s reading: Nehemiah 5:1-7:72

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