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God’s Gifts and His Glory

Today’s reading: Exodus 36:8-38:20

Local churches around the world meet in a huge variety of structures. These reflect the financial resources of the congregations and the architectural styles of the culture, but they should also bring glory to God and represent the best we can offer to Him. Unlike in the case of the Old Testament tabernacle (and later the temple), God has not given His people a floor plan for the perfect building. We are free to create as long as God is glorified.

Of course, in Old Testament times, this glorification of God was done through the tabernacle by pointing in so many ways to the Messiah who was to come, the Lord Jesus Christ. Today our churches should point to Him, not through things like a bronze altar or a Holy of Holies but by the clear proclamation of the gospel and the right administration of the sacraments.

For more reflections on this passage see the corresponding reading in my book Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 days.

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