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God’s Presence: Consistent Character and Success

Today’s reading: Genesis 39:1-41:36

My selection: Genesis 39:23

The keeper of the prison paid no attention to anything that was in Joseph’s charge, because the Lord was with him. And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed.

My reflections: Joseph went from a comfortable life with his family, to a pit, to the slave traders, to Potiphar’s right hand man, and, now, to prison in a foreign land. Talk about ups and downs! But all these vastly changing circumstances did not change Joseph’s character nor God’s blessing upon him. Neither comfort nor prison could affect the one upon whom the Lord showered His favor. God was always with Joseph and Joseph was always faithful and successful.

My challenge: Do you change with your circumstances or does your character remain the same in plenty or little, in trial or in blessing? Paul could say “…I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” (Phil 4:11 ).

Dwight Hill who discipled me in college often said, “Circumstances do not make or break a man, they merely reveal him for what he is.”   Focus on the Lord not on your circumstances. Be steadfast despite the ups and downs of your life. Apparent defeat today may lead to unparalleled promotion tomorrow. It did for Joseph as we shall see in the next reading.

Tomorrow’s reading: Genesis 41:37-43:34

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