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Godly Leadership: wise and fearless

Today’s reading: Joshua 16:1-19:31

My selection: Joshua 17:14-18

My reflections: The tribe of Joseph was actually, legally two tribes (or half tribes as they are sometimes called) since Jacob (Israel) had adopted his two grandsons by Joseph: Manasseh and Ephraim. They had grown in population and needed more land. The question was, “Whose responsibility is it to see that these two tribes have sufficient land?”

Tribal leaders complained to Joshua that he had short-changed them in the doling out of land. He did not question their need for more land, but he did put the responsibility back on them to clear and conquer territory for themselves.

The leaders of the two tribes argued that they needed more land because they were so many. They implied that Joshua should provide this for them. The additional land he assigned to them was populated by Canaanites with chariots of iron– the ancient equivalent of atomic bombs. They argued that they could not conquer such well-equipped people. Joshua wisely turned their earlier argument back on them. In essence he said, “if you have so many people you need more land then you have enough people to conquer the land you need.”

My challenge: Joshua was wise and fearless in answering the people of Joseph. A wise leader will not do for people what they should do for themselves. He will see through their flimsy arguments and stand firm. He will also encourage them that victory and success is possible.

Are you wise and fearless in your leadership? Do you challenge those you lead to grow in faith and maturity? Do not enable immaturity, dependency, and laziness, but hold those you lead to reasonable standards that they can achieve by faith, diligence, and self-control.

Tomorrow’s reading: Joshua 19:32-21:45

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