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Guidance through Signs

Today’s reading: Genesis 23:1-24:67

In my challenge on this passage, I wrote: “Rarely, if ever, rely on signs [for guidance in making decisions].”   Do you agree? Have you relied on signs for guidance in making important decisions? If so, how has that turned out?

The point is that the Bible gives many specific guidelines for believers which should be applied to the decision making process. There are some examples of biblical characters using signs to find guidance. Abraham’s servant, in today’s passage, is one. Gideon is another (Judges 6:36-40). But remember our principle of biblical interpretation: do not use narrative passages as normative for every situation. I should probably amplify that principle to say: do not use narrative passages as normative for every situation unless didactic passages support it. Here I am using didactic in the sense of something which is “designed or intended to teach.” [1]

So having re-thought this, I still think you should be cautious of relying on signs for guidance.

NOTE: Your thoughtful comments and respectful criticisms are welcome below. Please allow a day or two for approval to see your reply on line.

[For more reflections on today’s passage see the January 8 reading in Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 days].

[1] See:

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