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How the Powerful Rise and Fall

Today’s reading:  Psalm 73:1-77:20

 My selection: Psalm 75:6-7

6      For not from the east or from the west

          and not from the wilderness comes lifting up,

7      but it is God who executes judgment,

         putting down one and lifting up another.

My reflections: Undoubtedly, the topic of political power and social influence is never far from the lips of most of us.  The media loves a good scandal involving high profile people in politics, religion, the arts, etc. We wonder how people with such feet of clay manage to gain such prestige and power.  We are tempted to think the world is out of control.

Here we are reminded that God is in control of those who think they are in control.  Ultimately, it is God who oversees the rise and fall of men.  We vote but it is God who determines who is ultimately elected.

My challenge: Are you stressed about who gets elected as our leaders?  They are the ones God wants in place even though they may appear to be serving an agenda contrary to His.  No one gets a position without God’s permission.

Trust Him. Pray for them.  Like us, they will one day have to answer to the Judge of all the earth for their management of what He entrusted to them.

Tomorrow’s reading:  Psalm 78:1-79:13

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