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Jesus on Judgment

Today’s reading: Genesis 38-40; Matthew 12:22-50

God reveals Himself in His Word as a holy Judge. As Creator, He has every right over us and we have every obligation to serve and obey Him. Does He not have the right to execute sinful and rebellious creatures? In today’s reading, Jesus preached about judgment. God brought the judgment of death on the sons of Judah, Er and Onan.

Jesus warned of judgment on those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. He spoke of the day of judgment on which the people of Nineveh would rise up and condemn the evil, adulterous, sign-seeking generation of His day that refused a greater prophet than Jonah and a greater king than Solomon.

A common misconception is that Jesus never suggested that there would be judgment, that He only spoke of love and peace. Jesus proclaimed the need of men to repent and believe the gospel. He warned of sin that would never be forgiven, that there would be condemnation for careless words, that the society of His day was worse than that of wicked Nineveh.

But Jesus also gave hope to repentant sinners who recognize their lost, hopeless condition, who receive the revelation of God in Christ, who don’t demand other signs, and who flee from the wrath to come.

God is Judge for those who reject His Son, the One who saves His people from their sin. In eternity, will you know Him as Savior or as Judge? Make sure you know.

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