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Judah Indicted

Today’s reading: Isaiah 66:1-Jeremiah 3:5

My selection: Jeremiah 1:16

16 And I will declare my judgments against them, for all their evil in forsaking me. They have made offerings to other gods and worshiped the works of their own hands

My reflections: The analogy God uses in charging Judah is that of an adulteress wife. Both Israel and Judah had forsaken their vows of faithfulness and had worshiped other gods. As a consequence, Israel was in captivity under Assyria and Judah would be next to fall under Babylonia.

How foolish is spiritual adultery, aka, idolatry! Although God the Creator and Sustainer of heaven and earth graciously provides life and blessings, He is not worshiped or even thanked, but spurned and replaced with material things. Truly there is no logical or reasonable explanation for sin. It is always foolish. Sin makes you stupid as my friend, Pastor Fred Greco, has said. It seems wise but it is evil and foolish.

My challenge: To counteract the tendency to worship other gods, give thanks to the true God, the God of the Bible revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thankfulness to the true God is the antidote for idolatry. (Romans 1:21).

Tomorrow’s reading: Jeremiah 3:6-5:31

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