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Morality by Majority Vote

Today’s reading: Acts 27:27-Romans 1:32

My selection: Romans 1:32

Though they know God’s decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

My reflections: In an editorial in the Roanoke Times (April 8, 2013), the writer cited CS Lewis and argued that Christians ought not to impose their moral standards on the rest of the society. Everyone, this writer said, should be free to decide right and wrong for himself.

In a democracy like ours, moral, ethical, and legal standards are more or less determined by popular opinion or by majority vote. We do not have a theocracy or a Christian nation. Therefore, Christians in this nation have no more influence at the ballot box than atheists, Muslims, or any other group. But neither do they have less.

Paul says that God has given a decree that those who practice the evils mentioned here deserve death. Paul also condemns not only the practice of these evils, but the approval of them. Christians, if asked for their opinion or their vote on a moral issue, may not abdicate their responsibility to affirm that the sins which violate God’s law are worthy of condemnation. Christians may not be able to stop the instituting of immoral behavior but they certainly ought to voice opposition by the legitimate means they have.

My challenge: Do you stand for morality based on the law of God, the ten commandments? If you do, be bold and loving in proclaiming your opposition to the fast-paced breakdown in moral standards that will sooner or later lead to the judgment of God. If you are defeated in this purpose, prepare to suffer along with the rest of our culture. Ultimately, the Christian’s hope is not in this world but the one to come.

Tomorrow’s reading: Romans 2:1-4:25

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