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No Hand Wringing, Please!

Today’s reading: Psalm 8:1-15:5

My selection: Psalm 11:4

The Lord is in his holy temple; The Lord’s throne is in heaven; His eyes see, his eyelids test, the children of man.

My reflections:

It is not unusual to hear professing believers wailing about the evils of the world. “All is lost”, they say. The youth are going down the drain. The family is lost. The politicians are corrupt. The media is biased in favor of evil. On and on.

There is some validity in these observations.

But wait!

Have we forgotten: God is in His holy temple? Have we forgotten that He is not sleeping, but if it seems his eyelids are closed it is only a way of testing men?

My challenge: Remember what God says. He reigns. He will bring judgment. Wait upon Him. Trust Him. Let your speech and thoughts today reflect that confidence.

Tomorrow’s reading: Psalm 16:1-19:14

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