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Now available: Concealed and Revealed–a year in the Old and New Testaments

News flash! My new book:  Concealed and Revealed: a year in the Old and New Testaments is now available in bookstores. You can find it on line here.

The New Testament is concealed in the Old.

The Old Testament is revealed in the New.

This one-year devotional begins in Genesis and Matthew, and provides 365 readings from the Old and New Testaments to show the amazing connections between the two, and how they shed light on each other.

Join me for a year-long adventure in the Bible—one book with one Author, the triune God who made heaven and earth.

Who should read it?

Whether a curious skeptic, a first-time Bible reader, or a committed believer with many years of Bible reading, you will find here daily readings and comments to accompany you as you read.

How is this book different?

My earlier book, Cover to Cover: through the Bible in 365 days, guides readers from Genesis to Revelation in a year. Concealed and Revealed differs in that the schedule takes you through both the old and new testaments simultaneously. Both approaches are valuable, but Concealed and Revealed gives the opportunity to read both testaments and see how God graciously responded to the colossal disaster which mankind has made of the creation which he proclaimed “very good.”

What’s gone wrong with the world?

Does anyone have an answer? Can we establish a society free from evil forever in which love, peace, and meaning exist? The old testament gives a hint of hope soon after the serpent succeeds in convincing the man and the woman to make a devastating choice. The old testament provides glimpses of this hope but the new testament displays it fully..

What or Who is the solution?

The Who is Jesus. He came announcing “the kingdom of God is at hand” and “repent and believe the gospel.” If we believe Him we will put our confidence in His death on the cross as the means God used to redeem a people for Himself. We will recognize that Jesus promised to come again and take His people to be with Him forever. Meanwhile we pray as He taught us “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

A mere fable or the greatest story ever told?

If this story is just a legend it matters nothing, but if it is true, nothing matters more. Let Concealed and Revealed: a year in the Old and New Testaments be your companion as you read the Bible.

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