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Praying to Feel More Needy

This is the fourth day of the year and so far I am up to date on my Bible reading.  How about you?

Thanks to a Christmas gift from a family member, I have my own [ie. don’t have to share with Mary 🙂 ] leather bound copy of The Valley of Vision which I am reading as part of my Quiet Time now. I was struck today by the prayer “God the Source of All Good” and the request “give me to feel a need of [Christ’s] continual saviorhood.”

I confess I usually pray for growth in sanctification. Am I in danger of seeking to escape from a sense of need of his continual saviorhood?  Do you pray for a greater sense of your sin which would promote that awareness of need for his continual saviorhood?

Maybe this is an element of prayer I need to include consciously and deliberately.

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