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Properly Placed Hope

Today’s reading: 1 Chronicles 21:1-23:32

My selection: I Chronicles 22:14-16

With great pains I have provided for the house of the Lord 100,000 talents of gold, a million talents of silver, and bronze and iron beyond weighing, for there is so much of it; timber and stone, too, I have provided. To these you must add. 15 You have an abundance of workmen: stonecutters, masons, carpenters, and all kinds of craftsmen without number, skilled in working 16 gold, silver, bronze, and iron. Arise and work! The Lord be with you!”

My reflections: David charged Solomon, his son and successor to the throne of Israel, to build the house of the Lord, the temple. David, although he was not permitted by the Lord to do the building himself, stockpiled materials and gold and silver for the building. He even designated the location of the temple. (22:1)

David wisely and diligently worked to insure that Solomon’s building project would not fail. He did this “with great pains.” This was a great and encouraging example of thoroughness and foresight.

At the same time, knowing the history of what would happen after this, makes me sad. Solomon’s son, Rehoboam would lose ten tribes, idolatry would grow and the long downward spiral would begin culminating in the captivity of Judah and the destruction of that wonderful temple.

Then again, what was the temple for? A place for sinners to be reconciled to God on the basis of a blood sacrifice which would point to the once-for-all sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile the temple was built and enjoyed, neglected and destroyed showing how deeply sinful and needy are God’s people. All David’s pains could not avoid what would happen.

My challenge: Take pains in your work. It matters because it will not be forgotten by the Lord.  Do everything for the glory of God today, but know that, until the King returns and establishes a new heavens and a new earth, all will be transitory and precarious. Be sure your hope is properly placed.

Tomorrow’s reading: 1 Chronicles 24:1-26:19

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