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Re-discovering a Great Hymn

We had a  hymn sing last night at Grace Church.  I requested “For All the Saints” a hymn unknown to 95% of the congregation.  But they did a good job learning it, aided by our able pianist Diana Dugan.  If you are not familiar with this hymn, it is excellent musically, and as poetry, imagery, and theology which means it is very singable but requires some thought to get the truths about the Church Militant, the Church Triumphant, and the hope we have in Jesus Christ for a glorious eternal day in the new heavens and new earth.

I can now depart in peace knowing that my church will be able to sing this at my funeral. (No, I am not announcing anything about my current health). Check out this link in case you were not there or if you were but need to practice a little more.

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