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Science, History, and Worship

Today’s reading: Psalm 108:1-114:8

My selection: Psalm 111:2-4

2 Great are the works of the Lord,

 studied by all who delight in them.

3 Full of splendor and majesty is his work,

 and his righteousness endures forever.

 4 He has caused his wondrous works to be remembered;

 the Lord is gracious and merciful.

My reflections: Here the Psalmist validates the study of science (the works of God) and history (remembering His wondrous works). There is no inherent conflict between faith and the study of the physical world. Belief in the God of the Bible does not conflict with a study of the events of the past. These disciplines are often studied in a secular setting without any acknowledgement of a Sovereign Eternal God, but this will not be the approach of the Christian scientist or historian. The believer who studies needs to understand that the Lord is the One who has created all things and sustains them by His providence. The follower of Christ who studies history must remember that all things come from God and are for Him and it is His hand that is guiding human history.

My challenge: Do you delight in God’s works either as a scientist or an historian? As you study, praise Him for the wonders of what He has made and what He has done throughout human history.

Tomorrow’s reading: Psalm 115:1-118:29

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