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Second Edition of Cover to Cover is now available

I am happy to announce that Cover to Cover: through the Bible in 365 Days (Second Edition) is now available here on Amazon

Q. Why a second edition?

A. The original publisher, Metokos Press, is closing down operations. It was necessary for me to find another publisher or to take over publishing the book myself. I took the latter option which gave me the opportunity to make some changes to the original edition published in Kindle (2014) and print (2015)

Q. What is different in the second edition?

A. Most of the changes are cosmetic improvements (new cover, extensive layout corrections) but there are some content corrections and typos that slipped through the first time. Readers of the first edition will notice that the headings for each day include a day number and a date.  So, the first devotional says January 1/Day 1.  This is meant to encourage starting the book any day of the year not just on New Year’s Day.

Q. Is the second edition available in Kindle?

A. Not yet. We are still working on the Kindle version of edition 2. I will let you know when it is available.  Meanwhile you can still order the Kindle version of edition 1.

Q. Has the price changed from edition 1?

A.  No. The price is still the same for the print version ($12.99). It is hard to reduce this due to the length of the volume (452 pages).

I am indebted to Don Clements of Metokos Press and so many friends who have given me feedback, encouragement and suggestions.  I hope you will consider recommending this second edition  to your friends.

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