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Seeing God’s Presence in the Daily Grind

Today’s reading: I Samuel 17:1-18:30

My selection: I Samuel 18:12

Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul.

My reflections: A theme running through the story of Saul and David is the presence or absence of the Lord with these men. The Lord had departed from Saul and was with David. David, meanwhile, seems to have been led along by God and simply responded in godly ways to the opportunities that presented themselves. As a result he developed both skill and character that was the key to his later success.

From the psalms of David (e.g. Psalm 19), we can see that he loved the law of God and he stood in awe of the Creator. I think this began early in his life and his endless hours with the sheep were not frittered away but used for prayer and meditation on God’s word.

David developed skills for battle while he was a shepherd defending his sheep. His ability with the sling prepared him to be victorious against Goliath. He ran to the battle line while, as I envision it, Goliath lumbered up wearing a suit of armor that weighed 125 pounds (5000 shekels). David was both competent and confident because he trusted the Lord and he had experience in killing wild animals.

David developed his musical ability so that he was useful as a musician for Saul. David was a trustworthy son whom his father could send with supplies to his brothers on the battlefront.

None of this was, by itself, very unusual, but all of these qualities and abilities came together in a man who was prepared to lead the kingdom in some of its greatest days. The key element was the presence of the Lord with him. For the most part, he was faithful throughout his life and walked before God.

My challenge: Respond today in godly ways to the opportunities that present themselves. Do not overlook the simple ways that God leads His people through ordinary circumstances. Do not despise the day of small things (keeping sheep, practicing music, learning to use a slingshot) or the mundane or distasteful tasks that seem routine (taking supplies to hostile brothers on the front lines). Use this day to serve the Lord without thought for greatness or glory. Do the things before you for Him and through Him. He may use it for great things but it is a great enough thing to serve Him in obscurity.

Tomorrow’s reading: I Samuel 19:1-22:5

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