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Seeing God’s Wise Providence

Today’s reading: Isaiah 18:1-22:25

My selection: Isaiah 22:8b-11

In that day you looked to the weapons of the House of the Forest, and you saw that the breaches of the city of David were many. You collected the waters of the lower pool, and you counted the houses of Jerusalem, and you broke down the houses to fortify the wall. You made a reservoir between the two walls for the water of the old pool. But you did not look to him who did it, or see him who planned it long ago.

My reflections: At a time when Jerusalem was vulnerable to attack, the leaders were careful to prepare for a possible siege. They closed up breaches and prepared a source of water. There was nothing wrong with that in itself. But Isaiah tells them they did all this without either looking to God or understanding His wisdom in giving them certain topographical features which made the defense of the city possible. In other words, they worked hard but ignored God in the process. They trusted their weapons and their own efforts. They neither prayed to God nor praised Him for their success.

My challenge: How many minute details in your life have been put there by God for His purposes and yet are overlooked? Today look for the evidence of His wise providence in giving you exactly what you need for your good and His glory. Then praise Him for that providence.

Tomorrow’s reading: Isaiah 23:1-27:13

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