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Self-confidence vs. God-confidence

Today’s reading: Exodus 2:1-4:31

Here we get an intimate picture of Moses’ inner life, his thoughts and struggles as he interacts with the God who presents Himself as “I Am” or Yahweh in Hebrew. Did you notice how Moses’ self-confidence of his youth eroded as an older man? God was preparing Moses for a job that would require not self-confidence but God-confidence. Evidently, one cannot have both so when a Moses has all self-confidence he has to lose it before he can gain God-confidence.

We are typically told in our society “to believe.” Often the object of the belief is omitted or “yourself” is inserted as the object of faith. This approach is as foolish as it is unbiblical. Moses learned the hard way to let go of self-belief. He didn’t immediately replace it with confidence in something else, but rather lost confidence in everything. God met him and changed all that. Moses, as we shall see, learned God-confidence and that confidence would stand up under incredible pressure.

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[For more reflections on these passages see the January 20 readings in Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 days].

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