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Stop. Consider. Be Silent. Give Praise

Week 27 in the Word--July 2, 2021

Does your life at the halfway point of 2021 feel like a traffic jam? Time is going by and you are stuck? Are you looking for a virtual off ramp, a rest stop, a relaxing place in the shade? Maybe that is exactly what God wants for you this week. The psalmist, speaking for the Lord, said, "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10a).

This week Job’s dialogue with his three friends concludes with no real resolution. Then a fourth person, Elihu, begins to speak. Because he was younger, he waited in silence out of respect for the others. But he is not hesitant to speak his mind, making some good points about the greatness and majesty of God. Then—behold—the Lord Himself speaks to Job, or rather, interrogates him (Job 38-39).

In Acts the narrative shifts from Peter (who is used by God to bring the Gentiles the gospel) to Saul (now Paul) who along with Barnabas is commissioned by the Antioch church and sent out to preach. For the rest of the book of Acts our attention will be on Paul and others who traveled with him in three missionary journeys to Asia Minor, Macedonia, Athens, and Corinth. The expansion of the church was accompanied by great miracles and great opposition. Through all of this God sustained His people and the Word of God transformed many lives.

As we read this week, let us “stop and consider” (July 7) the wondrous works of God and His providential care for His people under severe opposition from evil people like King Herod (July 4). Perhaps you will be silenced like Job when he was questioned by God or like the members of the Jerusalem assembly after Peter related to them the unmistakable conversion of the Gentiles and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them (July 8).

The same God who addressed Job and who poured out His Spirit on Gentiles is at work in the world today calling to Himself all His elect people from every tribe and tongue. Stop, consider, be silent before Him until all you can do is give Him praise.

Week of July 2-8, 2021

July 2/Day 183 Two Truths in Focus (Job 23-25; Acts 10:24-48)

July 3/Day 184 Can We Have a Barnabas or Two? (Job 26-28; Acts 11)

July 4/Day 185 Glory Stealing Can Be Fatal (Job 29-30; Acts 12)

July 5/Day 186 Holy Desires Amidst Trying Times (Job 31-32; Acts 13:1-25)

July 6/Day 187 God’s Providence vs. Man’s Autonomy (Job 33-34; Acts 13:26-52)

July 7/Day 188 Stop and Consider (Job 35-37; Acts 14)

July 8/Day 189 Silence Before God (Job 38-39; Acts 15:1-21)

This schedule and the daily devotionals are published in Concealed and Revealed: A year in the Old and New Testaments available here.

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