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Thanks and Two Requests

For five days over Christmas and New Year, I offered my e book “Cover to Cover: through the Bible in 365 days” for free.

Amazing Response

The response surprised me as 1070 copies were downloaded.  Sales of the print version of the book and of the e book at full price also increased.  If you were one of those who took advantage of the offer, thank you very much!

The idea of giving the e book away was to generate traffic and to get the book noticed.  During those days, the book reached #1 for “Devotionals”, “Bible study guides”, and “Christian Education” on Amazon.  You helped make that happen.

Two Requests

Now there are two more things you can do, if you will.  First, if you are a praying person, please pray that God will use “Cover to Cover” to encourage hundreds of people to read through the Bible and to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Second, please go to your Amazon account, pull up the page for my book (here), and write a short (or long) review.  If you purchased the book from Amazon, your purchase (though free) will be considered “verified”.  Your review will help others find the book as well.  Even if you can’t give “Cover to Cover” a “5”, honest, sincere, thoughtful  reviews are all helpful.

Thank you for your support!

Happy New Year and happy Bible reading in 2019!

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