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The Continuing Need for Repentance

Today’s reading: Genesis 9-11; Matthew 4

The cosmic battle continues after the flood. Mankind, united by one language and forgetting the lessons learned from the previous judgment, seeks to unite and build a tower of rebellion against God and for self-glorification. Again, God acts in judgment creating division through language differences. The spiritual hostility is not eliminated but it is retarded somewhat as God created the boundaries of culture to point Man to Himself (Acts 17:26-27).

It is not as if God’s plan has failed; it has just not completely unfolded. Now the next chapter of the plan opens with the introduction of Abram, who will be the father of many nations.

In Matthew, we follow the inauguration of Jesus’ ministry. He proclaims the arrival of the Kingdom of God. “Repent,” He commands. The same God who acted in judgment is calling all to come to Him in faith and repentance beginning with the Jews, but, as we shall soon see, extending to all nations, languages, and tribes of the earth.

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