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The Practical Nature of God’s Love

Today’s reading: Leviticus 13:47-14:57

My selection: Leviticus 13:50-51

50 And the priest shall examine the disease and shut up that which has the disease for seven days. 51 Then he shall examine the disease on the seventh day. If the disease has spread in the garment, in the warp or the woof, or in the skin, whatever be the use of the skin, the disease is a persistent leprous disease; it is unclean.

My reflections:

The laws about leprosy extended to inanimate objects as well as people. Clothing and houses were to be examined for disease. Two observations:

1. God’s love extends to concern for the health and well being of His people. The creation itself is fallen and material things are affected by contamination and disease. This law, as all biblical commands, should be understood as another evidence of God’s love.

2. God’s love includes designating responsible authorities to lead and care for His people.  God assigned the task of diagnosis of leprosy to the priests. There needed to be a recognized, qualified official to rule on matters of disease. This was not a job for the lazy or the fearful.

My challenge: Thank God for His loving care of His people. God’s people need spiritual leaders who care for the people and are not afraid to work or to risk involvement. If you have a pastor who serves with diligence and courage, thank God for him.

Tomorrow’s reading: Leviticus 15:1-17:16

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