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Weekend Readings

God’s uncompromising holiness and sovereignty are clearly lifted up by the prophet Ezekiel for all mankind to see.  But who’s paying attention?

Saturday, September 3 The Futility of Using God

Reading:  Ezekiel 20:1-21:32

My selection:  “Therefore say to the house of Israel, Thus says the Lord God: Will you defile yourselves after the manner of your fathers and go whoring after their detestable things?  When you present your gifts and offer up your children in fire, you defile yourselves with all your idols to this day. And shall I be inquired of by you, O house of Israel? As I live, declares the Lord God, I will not be inquired of by you.

“What is in your mind shall never happen—the thought, ‘Let us be like the nations, like the tribes of the countries, and worship wood and stone.’”  Ezekiel 20:30-32

Sunday, September 4 The Ugliness of Sin

Reading: Ezekiel 22:1-23:49

My selection: “For thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will deliver you into the hands of those whom you hate, into the hands of those from whom you turned in disgust, and they shall deal with you in hatred and take away all the fruit of your labor and leave you naked and bare, and the nakedness of your whoring shall be uncovered. Your lewdness and your whoring have brought this upon you, because you played the whore with the nations and defiled yourself with their idols.   Ezekiel 23:28-30

Monday, September 5 Illustrating Your Message

Reading: Ezekiel 24:1-27:36

My selection:   “As for you, son of man, surely on the day when I take from them their stronghold, their joy and glory, the delight of their eyes and their soul’s desire, and also their sons and daughters,  on that day a fugitive will come to you to report to you the news.  On that day your mouth will be opened to the fugitive, and you shall speak and be no longer mute. So you will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 24:25-27

Have a great weekend. See you on Tuesday.

For more on these passages see Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 Days available on Amazon in either Kindle ($4.99) or print format ($12.99).

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