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What Goes Around…

Today’s reading: I Kings 11:26-13:34 (April 20)

My selection: I Kings 11:40

Solomon sought therefore to kill Jeroboam. But Jeroboam arose and fled into Egypt, to Shishak king of Egypt, and was in Egypt until the death of Solomon.

My reflections: Solomon’s father, David, while a king in waiting, had been a fugitive from Saul. Now Solomon assumed the same role as Saul against his anointed replacement, Jeroboam. It only took one generation for the tables to turn and for the same drama to be reenacted only with a different cast of players.

This is another example of how little we learn from history, even recent history. How prone is man to be disobedient to God, which brings judgment, and then to resist repentance and faith to return to the right way. Solomon did not repent. Instead he took steps to assassinate his designated replacement. Did he not know what happened to Saul?

Rehoboam continued the resistance and paid the price by losing 10 tribes to his rival. The first good thing he did was listen to the prophet and to let those kingdoms go.

My challenge: Are you learning to fear God by seeing how He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble?

Trust Him. Obey Him. Be quick to repent and to accept the consequences of your sin.

Tomorrow’s reading: I Kings 14:1-16:20 (April 21)

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