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Why no daily posts?

There is a story about a fellow who had been out of work for some time.  He was desperate for a job but nothing opened up for him.  Then one day a circus came to his town.  He went to apply for a job.

“What can you do?” the circus manager asked him.

“I can jump off a 50 foot platform into a pile of sand,” the applicant confidently replied.

“OK, let’s see your act.” said the manager.

They set up the platform and dumped a pile of sand below.  The man climbed to the top,  waved, smiled and made a perfect dive into the sand.

The manager was ecstatic. He ran over to the applicant.  “You’re hired.  We’ve never had anyone do that.  You will bring down the house.”

The applicant got up slowly, brushed off the sand and said, “Give me some time to think about this job.  I’ve never done this before, and I don’t feel so good.”

Like the jobless guy, I’ve never done a daily blog before and I don’t feel so good. 🙂

The point is: I do not plan to write daily posts in 2014 as I am working on other writing projects.  The posts for 2013 are still accessible in the archives under the dates they were posted.  I will do occasional posts, just not every day.

I hope your new year is off to a good start and that you are not jumping off any platforms into sand piles.

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