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Worship that Pleases God

Today’s reading: Genesis 4-5

The history of Cain and Abel causes me pause. It is the first recorded case of murder, it occurred within a family, and it was sparked by an issue related to the worship of God. Of course, Cain was the one at fault. God graciously confronted him on his original sin of making an unacceptable offering. Cain was unresponsive to the Lord’s exhortation. Instead, he plotted and killed his brother. God again confronted him. Again, he refused to confess and repent. Instead he lied and, essentially, blamed God for holding him responsible for his brother.

After being found guilty and sentenced, he seems moved by self-pity not true repentance. He complains about the severity of the sentence, and God continues to show him undeserved mercy. Cain fades off the stage as the focus turns to Seth, the new son of Adam and Eve, who proves to be a worthy replacement for the deceased Abel.

Sin caused great turmoil in the first family and it continues to cause division and pain in every family on earth.

What is the solution?

The solution is prompt and complete repentance for sin, and coming to God in faith through Jesus Christ. How glorious that is, whenever it occurs! Relationships are restored. God is exalted.  All serve the Lord fully with their gifts and resources.

But why am I so slow to confess and repent of sin? I would not take  Cain as a role model in any sense.  Lord, help me to grow in quick repentance and complete confession of sin.

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[For more reflections on today’s passage see the January 2 reading in Cover to Cover: Through the Bible in 365 days]

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